About Us

Life is a story. Every day we create our own narrative and every place you go to has its own story.

In Southern Africa, the rich history and diversity, coupled with our natural beauty and the inherent
freedom of open spaces invite you to scale mountains and wonder through its valleys, searching for
its hidden treasures. Pausing, every now and then… to reaffirm your connection with it all.

Those travel stories that you remember for a lifetime. The memories. That is what we document.
Traveling on an Adventure Motorcycle through this tightly woven tapestry of stories and heritage
and sharing the experience with likeminded riders and passers-by is the stuff of epic adventure.
The Footpeg Diaries YouTube Series consists of various short excursions or longer trips, each with
different travel partners riding Adventure Motorcycles. We are totally independent. Not Brand
bound or conformed to any specific structure.
Our only aim is to tell interesting stories on three different levels while riding.
We aim to make a charitable difference to the communities we travel through, sharing the story of
an adventure ride through richly layered story telling. Not only grabbing the attention of adventure
motorcyclists, but also attracting the interest of the curious traveller and, the viewer with a hunger
for the narrative that shows Southern-Africa in its true open-minded, friendly, and optimistically
honest self.