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The Footpeg Diaries YouTube Series consists of various short excursions or longer trips, each with
different travel partners riding Adventure Motorcycles. We are totally independent. Not Brand
bound or conformed to any specific structure.

Our only aim is to tell interesting stories on three
different levels while riding.

Footpeg Diaries - Episode 36, Adventure | Motorcycle | Travel | Biking

  • Episode 35

    Honda Transalp | Adventure | Motorcycle | Travel | Biking

    In this unforgettable finale, join us as we ride the last leg of our monumental journey from the rugged terrains of Memel to the scenic vistas of Wakkerstroom and Utrecht. Pierre and Adrian, tested by winds and flood-scared tracks, reflect on the essence of true adventure.

    As we navigate through the winding paths and reflect on Fanie's fall, we're reminded of the resilience and spirit that define the adventure biking community. This episode is a tribute to the raw beauty of the land, the thrill of the ride, and the unbreakable bonds forged along the way.

    Don’t miss the finale of "Gravel Pass Grind," where every mile tells a story, and every story leads us back to the road. 🌄

    Watch now and join us as we cross the finish line of an epic journey that has taken us beyond the roads and into the heart of what it means to be an adventurer.

    Join us...

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  • Episode 34

    Honda Transalp | Adventure | Motorcycle | Travel | Biking

    In this gripping episode of Footpeg Diaries, our adventure takes an unforeseen and dramatic turn. As we continue our journey through the wild and rugged terrains, Fanie faces a major challenge. Witness the heart-stopping moment when he has a severe fall, resulting in a broken leg, in the midst of a remote and unforgiving landscape.

    The episode captures the raw and real essence of adventure biking – the camaraderie, the risks, and the sheer unpredictability of being on the road. Watch as the team comes together in a race against time to evacuate Fanie, first on the back of a bakkie and then via an ambulance for a 3-hour journey to the nearest hospital.

    This isn’t just another travelogue; it’s a testament to the resilience and spirit of adventure riders. Join us as we navigate through this challenging situation, showcasing the importance of preparation, teamwork, and the spirit to overcome adversity.

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  • Episode 33

    Honda Transalp | Adventure | Motorcycle | Travel | Biking

    Prepare for an episode of Footpeg Diaries like no other. In Episode 33, we embark on a captivating ride through some of the most majestic and challenging terrains.

    We conquer Bezuidenhoudt's Pass, Tintwa Pass, and Sandspruit Pass, each offering its own unique blend of beauty and exhilaration.

    Our adventure doesn't stop there. We enjoy a brief respite at Green Lantern, savouring moments of camaraderie over lunch.

    Then, it's back to the thrill of the ride as we navigate through De Beer's Pass and the historic Van Reenen's railway service road.

    As we continue our journey, heading towards Collings the next day, the ride takes an unexpected turn. In a moment that will leave you guessing, the serene sound of nature is abruptly broken.

    What happens next is something you'll have to see to believe.

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